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The NAUI Scuba Diver course offers the first time diver the most comprehensive entry level recreational course in diving. Even if you have never snorkeled, so long as you can swim, then you could learn to dive. Once the course is complete you will be able to rent equipment and dive throughout the world.

This page is intended to give anyone interested in Scuba diving the information they require as to whether they should join a course. However, there will always be questions and if anything is not listed or you simply want to discuss it, please contact us at the addresses at the bottom of this page.


Admission Requirements


Pool Sessions

Qualifying Dives

12 years or older


200 m swim

5 sea dives

Medically fit


18 m underwater

Including boat & shore entries

Either have equipment or rent




10 minute float





Physics & Physiology


Dive Tables

Scuba skills

Dive planning and safety

Rescue skills

Your instructor - Aron de Gouveia - he MIGHT let you wear a mask! At the start of the course there are a series of lectures intended to teach the basics about diving, safety, equipment and the NAUI organization. Once the lectures are complete then it is time to start the pool sessions.

During the pool sessions you will be taught to put the theory in to practice before you dive in open water. You will learn how to use the equipment, how to clear your mask of water, and even how to put it back on underwater. You will also learn how to share your buddies air supply in the unlikely event that there is a problem with your own. These skills and others are practiced until you and your instructor are comfortable that you can perform them easily.

Our final pool session is performed within the safety of the harbour, in safe semi confined water. Where you will complete a final check of your diving skills before making your first of four qualifying dives and seeing for the first time why so many people love this sport.
Once the course is complete you will receive a card certifying you as a qualified "Scuba diver". However, it does not end there. As a Scuba diver you are not supposed to dive deeper than 18 m until you have completed the Advanced Scuba diver course.
Diving is not difficult, nor is it a dangerous sport. However, there is a potential for accidents and the purpose of training is to ensure you can dive safely. It is possible to buy equipment and dive with no training however, no NAUI affiliated company will allow anyone to rent or buy equipment without at least the NAUI Scuba Diver certificate or its equivalent.

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Contact Details
Scuba Africa -
The New Harbour Hermanus

Aron de Gouveia
NAUI Instructor Trainer #10487
Cell : 083 731 8235

P.O. Box 417, Onrus, 7201, South Africa.
Tel / Fax: +27 (0)28 316 2362


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