Why choose a NAUI course?

Scuba diving is an adventure sport, and therefore some consider it dangerous. The fact is that it need not be dangerous if you do it properly - like crossing the road. The aim of NAUI is to minimise risks by maximising education and a large number of courses have been developed over the past 35 years that NAUI have been operating.

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Scuba Africa does not regularly run all the NAUI courses available, but does run the more popular courses, which take one from beginner to semi -professional.

Scuba Diver

Scuba Diver is recognized as the most comprehensive entry-level diving certification available. If you graduate you will receive the certification you need to rent equipment and to dive with your buddy in similar conditions throughout the world.

The course consists of a series of formal academic sessions, followed by pool training and finally open water training. You will learn the principles behind safe diving, the operation of the equipment, about the ecology of your dive sites and also the basics of scuba rescue. There are five dives included in the course.

Full and part time courses can be run to suit your needs. The minimum age for the course is 12 years.


Advanced Scuba Diver

The course is usually run over a long weekend, and will introduce either the newly qualified or experienced diver to new diving environments and situations. It's a hands-on course and you will learn about deep diving, night diving and navigation. Additional items will also be taught such as search and recovery and light salvage. There is a total of six dives made for the course

The minimum age for the course is 15 years, though Junior Certification can be obtained for 12-14 year olds. Prior Scuba Diver certification or equivalent is required.


Master Scuba Diver

As you become more comfortable with your diving skills you may start looking for greater adventure that could place you at unnecessary risk. Master Scuba Diver will help you gain a deeper understanding of the physical realities of diving which will help you to reduce your exposure to danger by enabling you to make informed decisions. You'll gain this understanding through focused academic study and the development of superior water skills in this one-of-a-kind program. The certification is recognized by diving professionals around the world as the most comprehensive and challenging advanced training program available to recreational scuba divers today. Completing the course and the necessary eight dives will expand your appreciation and understanding of the underwater world.

The minimum age for the course is 15 years. Prior Advanced Scuba Diver certification or equivalent is required.


Scuba Rescue Diver

"The best diver training we hope you'll never use."

Scuba diving is exciting, but like all adventure sports it has inherent risks that can result in injury and even fatality. Knowing how a dangerous situation can occur will help you in preventing it from ever happening. Or in the unfortunate event that something does go wrong you will be trained in how to cope with the situation. You will know how to identify the symptoms of stress or panic which will make you a much sought after buddy but may also help save your own life. During the course you will make 4 dives.

The minimum age is 15 years. Previous Scuba Diver certification is required.



As a NAUI Divemaster you will be able to lead dives at facilities throughout the world as well as being able to assist a NAUI Instructor with training. This course is for anyone who wants to pursue recreational diving as a career as well as those who simply want to learn as much as they can about diving.

The minimum age for the course is 18 years. Prerequisite courses are Scuba Rescue and Master Scuba Diver.


NAUI Recognition Programs

  • Coral
  • Kelp
  • Crayfish
  • Perlemoen (Abalone)
  • Southern Right Whales

Refresher course

Simple refresher course for those who have not dived for a while to boost confidence and to check skills.


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