Aron de Gouveia, NAUI Instructor Trainer
# 10487, started Scuba Africa as a mobile Dive School 20 years ago. For the last 18 years he has been based, at the waters edge,  in the New Harbour, Hermanus. A new office, dive shop and lecture room has been completed on the existing site. Come and Visit us!


Got a week to kill?
Why not do a SCUBA Diver Course?
Only have a day or two?
The Passport Diver Course might be for you!
But what’s it all about? Will I like it?
Why not find out with a Entry SCUBA Experience!
I’ve already done all that Certification stuff back home!
Ever thought of getting your International Diver recognition?


* NAUI Training - certification courses available range from snorkel diver to Instructor

* Boat Dives
   Shore Entry Dives
   Night Dives
   Deep Dives

* Gear Rentals

* Air Fills

* Underwater Photography Opportunities

* Scuba Africa can also accommodate non-divers (strange people!) should they be wanting
  a crayfish charter or perhaps, just a boat ride.

* We would be happy to arrange accommodation - from Backpackers to Luxury

* Experienced and professional advice on :
- Equipment selection
- Reefs and Dive Sites
- Local Conditions 
- and all other aspects of diving along the South African coast

Our more popular dive sites are:

(As listed in “Dive Guide South Africa - 180 Top Dive Sites” - 3rd edition - Anton Koornhof)

Old Harbour Wall - 17m - boat/shore entry
Boiling Pot - 23m - boat dive
Preekstoel - 15m - boat/shore entry
Rietfontein/Tamatiebank -17m boat/shore
Blowhole -9m - boat/shore entry
Hakskeen - 26m - boat dive
Runway - 26m - boat dive
Tabletop/The Finger - 40m - boat dive
Schulphoek/Canyons - 36m - boat dive

What’s down there?

±32 species of hard and soft corals including gorgonians , sea fans and sea whips. Large variety of sponges including spectacular giant orange wall sponges. Horsefish, shovel-nose lobsters, octopus, cuttlefish, klipvis, shysharks, pipefish, numerous nudibranchs, huge
Redbaits, jewel (strawberry) anenomes, 
Basket-stars, featherstars, sea-pens, starfish. And being the Cape, you are guaranteed sights of crayfish, abalone, kelp and sometimes seals!

Average: Viz. 4 - 8m Temp 10 - 22 C

Marine Reserve

The area stretching from Kraal Rock in Walkerbay to Rietfontein, Hermanus, for a distance of 500m out to sea from the high-water mark, is a reserve.  No marine animals may be collected or disturbed with the exception that rock and surf angling from shore are both allowed.  Also the area within Harder Bay, near Onrus.

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Contact Details
Scuba Africa -
The New Harbour Hermanus

Aron de Gouveia
NAUI Instructor Trainer #10487
Cell : 083 731 8235

P.O. Box 417, Onrus, 7201, South Africa.
Tel / Fax: +27 (0)28 316 2362


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