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False Plum Anemone (Pseudactina flagellifera)

Anemones are simple solitary animals lacking a hard skeleton, but supported by internal water pressure. The body is hollow, cylindrical, and attached at the base by a flat adhesive disc. Tentacles ring the mouth and are armed with stinging cells but are generally harmless to humans. Prey captured with the tentacles is stuffed through the mouth into the digestive cavity. Reproduction can be sexual or by simple division of the body.

The False Plum Anemone may be found singly or in groups in pools or shallow reefs. Size can be 50 - 100 mm. It can move about slowly and inflates vesicles to attack and sting creatures it encounters to defend its territory. It preys mostly on molluscs and crustaceans. The venom is the most powerful for the anemones and can affect humans if tentacles come into contact with a cut.


Photograph by Kevin Frey



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